Rachel and Zane - Malibu Creek

Rachel, Zane, and I had a wonderful evening running around the park, and shooting in the fields. I got this sweet little moment between them while crossing the stream. All and all, a dream afternoon.

So grateful for the Spring that we have had. Southern California’s desert and chaparral have completely transformed into lushness, tons and tons of great, and an abundance of flowers! Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem everyone has given thanks in the same way. During this very shoot, we came upon a few youngsters littering in Malibu Creek! This beautiful park has finally recovered from the Woolsey fire and now they disgrace this place again by throwing their beer bottles on the ground. I tried to politely ask them to pick up their waste, but once I was out of sight, I heard the beer bottle clang on the ground again! What punks! Seriously, littering breaks my heart. Can we just not!!

Stephanie Klotz