Kim and Charlie - Malibu Creek

Back in Malibu Creek! This time with the fun-loving Kim and Charlie!

These two went to the same college as me and referred by a classmate of mine. Thanks Madeleine!


As we walked about the familiar hills of gold, Kim and Charlie told me the sweetest story about how they met. The two started as friends, mots of their college career was spent that way. Attending parties and other social events in their greek circle. Nearly at graduation, Kim finally confessed to Charlie how she felt, and the rest was history.


I could feel how close these two are. Even in the smallest interactions. But the real testament to their love came at the end of our shoot.

Some people know how I like to ask my couples questions to draw out emotion during our shoot. I don’t ask this question to everyone, but when I feel like a couple is comfortable enough with me, I think this is one of the most special questions I can ask.

“When is the last time you guys cried together?”

Kim and Charlie didn’t even have to say anything. They just embraced and stayed like that for a while.

I’m so honored to have witnessed this tender moment between this couple. I’m touched that they felt comfortable enough with me to let me see it. It’s is a *REAL* moment. Something that cameras or persons outside of this relationship will rarely see. This is what it is like when you grow with a person on an emotional level that they know what you are thinking with just a look. This is the most solid proof of love’s existence that I’ve seen.

Stephanie Klotz