Megan and Zech - Joshua Tree

I swear Megan and I are blessed. 

Last year, she, my friend, Daria, and I, did a fun shoot in Joshua Tree. It was wonderful, and I never thought the condition could be replicated. 

A few weeks ago, we drove back to Joshua Tree, dreading the hot weather. We were surprised to find that the weather was perfect again, and the park was empty again. All of of this made for the perfect shoot. 

I'm so proud of how these came out! This look couldn't have turned out better. From the hat, to the bouquet, to the dress, to Megan's tattoos. I found the dress for $20, and made the bouquet myself! 

We romped around the park, first getting photos in Hidden Valley, and then racing to Key's View for the sunset. 

Holy f***ing s**t!"
Zech's reaction when we rolled up to Key's View at sunset. I smiled and felt a sense of pride. 

Joshua Tree has become such a special place for me. So many memories and good times with people I love. I'm glad to have shared this place with the people I have shared it with.

Thank you Jtree. You always take care of me.

Stephanie Klotz