Dasha and Micah - Malibu Creek

I've visited Malibu Creek a bunch of times, mostly for rock climbing, sometimes to hike. This was the first couple that I brought here for an engagement session. 

What a magical evening it was. The sweet silliness of Dasha and Micah's love was perfect against the backdrop of Malibu Creek. I usually make references to Jurassic Park when I'm here. The towering grass covered mountains, the picturesque little creek, and the lush fields of green and gold, make the State Park look designed. 

We chased the sun through the fields of tall grass and mustard plants until it disappeared behind the mountains. Then we made our way to the creek and squeezed out every last bit of light we could. Finally, as it started to become dark, we made our way back up the hills to leave. As we left, we were played out by a chorus of crickets and frog, chirping farewell to us. 

The perfect ending to a fairytale afternoon. 

Stephanie Klotz