Michael and Thalia - Lake Skinner

Temecula is filled with hidden gems. Beautiful green hills, amazing wineries, and sweet little Lake Skinner. Capturing sunset here with these two lovers was unforgettable. 

On my way to meet Thalia and Michael, I was not in a great mood. Financial stress, personal problems, and other worries plagued my mind. A quirky thing about my anxiety issues, is that they make me want to sleep all the time. So, on my drive to Lake Skinner, I was fighting off sleep and tears.

 But once we got started shooting, I was completely transformed. During our shoot, I was all smiles. On my way home, I was elated and singing. While editing, I was beaming the whole time.

The joy I feel from capturing love through my lens is indescribable. It heals me, it teaches me, and makes me feel whole. I am confident, this is the path I’m meant to be on.

Stephanie Klotz