Evan and Jessica - Joshua Tree

I am so blessed to have met so many beautiful, magical, amazing friends this past year. Each one of these people have changed my life. Evan and Jess are two of those people. 

I love these two so much and their kooky and fun relationship. As a single person, I really enjoy seeing healthy and happy examples of loving relationships around me. Evan and Jess’ relationship is one that I would love for myself one day. Two fun and extraverted people, supporting, challenging, and treasuring each other.

During our shoot, I had this idea of asking them questions about each other. I started off by asking them what are they most excited for on their wedding day.

Evan shared, “Seeing Jess walk down the aisle, in her dress.”

Jess immediately started to tear up. “Mine is seeing you at the end of the aisle, waiting for me.”

I had to forget the intimate questions idea after that, before all three of us ended up in tears. I can’t wait for your beautiful wedding day my loves!

Stephanie Klotz