What should I do about the Wild and the Tame?

For adventurous couples, individuals or brands,

Hey guys! I'm Stephanie, a photographer, and creator based out of Los Angeles, CA.  My passion lies in so many things, but I am most passionate about the outdoors. Its where I find my inspiration, and it is often the backdrop of my photography work. But most of all, it serves as the basis of my life philosophy. No matter what I am doing, I approach everything as a new adventure...


Jamie + John - Serendipity Gardens/Yucaipa

Jamie and John’s wedding was at the most beautiful venue I’ve shot at yet. It really shows when you have a great venue with great coordination. It really takes a village to make a wedding go so smoothly!


Rachel + Zane - Malibu Creek State Park

Rachel, Zane, and I had a wonderful evening running around the park, and shooting in the fields. I got this sweet little moment between them while crossing the stream. All and all, a dream afternoon.


The Woods Family

The Woods family have only lived in California for a little time. I’m so glad I was able to show them a beautiful little corner of this state! It really was a whole new joy to experience the Woods children running around and frolicking in the creek.


Photography Services

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...

That is because that small snapshot in time reveals so much. It reveals an intimate honesty about its subject, the setting, and the photographer.

As I bring my camera up to my eye and look through the lens, I am looking for one thing: TRUTH. Truth and honesty are part of my core values and beliefs. 

Whether it’s true love, real in-between moments, the truth in a product, or the honesty of a smile. Let's create truthful moments together.