What should I do about the Wild and the Tame?

For the adventurous couples, individuals or brands,

Hey guys! I'm Stephanie, a photographer and creator based out of Los Angeles, CA.  My passion lies in so many things, but I am most passionate about the outdoors. Its where I find my inspiration, and it is often the back drop of my photography work. But most of all, it serves as a basis of my life philosophy. No matter what I am doing, I approach everything as a new adventure...


Anastasia + Nick - Oahu

Hawaii felt like a real vacation. Lord knows its been a while since I have one of those. It was seriously needed. But I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t find an excuse to do a little work…


Rachel + Neil - Irvine Regional Park

Another styled shoot for the books. I’ve worked with Rachel a few times now, and I was glad she and her boyfriend wanted to work with me on this…


Cristina + raul - Brand Park

Cristina and Raul got married in Glendale at a total hidden gem of a venue. Brand Park features a library, trails, and this super sweet Japanese garden.


Photography Services

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...

That is because, that small snap shot in time reveals so much. It reveals an intimate honesty about its subject, the setting, and the photographer.

As I bring my camera up to my eye, and look through the lens, I am looking for one thing: TRUTH. Truth and honesty are part of my core values and beliefs. 

Whether it’s true love, real in-between moments, the truth in a product, or the honesty of a smile. Let's create truthful moments together.