About Me

Hello! I'm Stephanie, a photographer based out of Los Angeles, CA.

My favorite word to describe myself is duplicitous. I have often found myself struggling between two different parts of myself. An extroverted side, and a more introspective side. The part of me that loves the bustle of the city, and the part that needs the quiet of the outdoors. The wild heart that wants to be free, and the tame heart that wants to come home. Its hard to navigate identity when you are pulled in so many directions by passion.

My passion lies in so many things, but I am most passionate about the outdoors. Its where I find my inspiration, and if often the back drop of my photography work. It helps me find balance in my warring sides. But most of all, its serves as a basis of my life philosophy. No matter what I am doing, I approach everything as a new adventure, and I take all my different parts with me. 

When I start a new project, or photo session, I'm pouring in all those different parts of myself. Your passion, is my passion. 

My aim is to make something magical. Let's make magic together.