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For adventurous lovers,

Hey guys! I'm Stephanie, a photographer, and creator based out of Los Angeles, CA.  My bread and butter is photographing weddings and couples. It give me so much joy to spend and evening photographing a pair of lovers in an incredible outdoor landscape on the most important day of their life. I’m always up for new experiences, whether its to your backyard, and all inclusive wedding venue, or a breath-taking destination in a far away country. Let’s go adventuring!


Kim + Charlie - Malibu Creek

As we walked about the familiar hills of gold, Kim and Charlie told me the sweetest story about how they met. The two started as friends, mots of their college career was spent that way. Attending parties and other social events in their greek circle. Nearly at graduation, Kim finally confessed to Charlie how she felt, and the rest was history.


izzie + Christian - Jenks Lake

These views made me finally embracing the fact that I’m a mountain person. I’m half Brazilian and I’ve always wanted to be a beach person, but it’s never really clicked for me. Sand everywhere, sticky salt water? Gross! Give me the smell of pine in the air and fresh water lakes and I’m a happy gal


Izamar + Francisco - Chino Hills State Park

Sometimes you find hidden gems right in the middle of your hometown. Chino Hills State Park is a wilderness park located in-between, Chino Hills and Yorba Linda. Miles of lush hill tops turn golden in the summer. Izamar, Francisco and I walked the trails, enjoyed the sunset and capture some of the sweetest moments.


Photography Services

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...

That is because that small snapshot in time reveals so much. It reveals an intimate honesty about its subject, the setting, and the photographer.

As I bring my camera up to my eye and look through the lens, I am looking for one thing: TRUTH. Truth and honesty are part of my core values and beliefs. 

Whether it’s true love, real in-between moments, the truth in a product, or the honesty of a smile. Let's create truthful moments together.